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Astrolabi. by Marta MillanNelson is an author and singer songwriter who was born in Chile. Nelson has spent most of his career in Barcelona, after winning first place the Viladecans´s Singer Songwriters Festival (Barcelona) in 1996.
He has composed songs in Spanish, Catalan and French and his repertoire also includes traditional songs by other composers in Spanish, Catalan, French, Occitan and Italian, and performed them in concerts in many countries around Europe.
To date, he has recorded four albums. Nelson’s songs tell stories, and discuss life´s themes in poetic and humorous ways.
His influences are traditional Chilean music, Celtic music, and American Bluegrass, also singer-songwriters such as Osvaldo Rodríguez, Joan Manuel Serrat, Georges Brassens, Jacques Brel, Silvio Rodríguez, and Fabrizio de André.
Nelson plays both solo concerts as well concerts with other musicians, accompanied by Spanish or acoustic guitar, Appalachian dulcimer, and the ukulele.
Since 2007 he been playing with the American musician Ricky Araiza, who accompanies him on the strings (banjo , mandolin, buzouki , acoustic and electric guitar). Together they have recorded almost all Nelson´s albums, and performed on various stages, and in many theatres and concert halls. His album “Live in Narbonne” was recorded live during their performance at the Théâtre Jean Eustache de Narbonne (France) on May 2, 2011.
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Ricky Araiza is a musician born in San Diego, California, who has played with The Byrds,  The Eagles, Eric Clapton, John Denver, Bruce Springsteen and has worked as a studio musician in Hollywood, composing music for several films
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Ricky Araiza in Spain he has been part of groups such as La Vella Dixieland , The Stompers, and Pep Sala band, amongst  others.
foto NelsonNelson Poblete has a doctorate in history, University of Barcelona, specialising in poetry, medieval symbolism, and popular culture. He has just published his first novel, a historical thriller titled “En Busca de la Tierra Hueca” (In search of Hollow Earth)  for Click Editorial / Planeta, 2014.
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